Kolejna edycja International Summer School Beyond Secular Faith 2015

W dniach 21-28.06.2015 w Granadzie odbędzie się kolejna edycja International Summer School Beyond Secular Faith. Tematem przewodnim w tym roku będzie “Religious Violence”, a szczególnie

W dniach 21-28.06.2015 w Granadzie odbędzie się kolejna edycja International Summer School Beyond Secular Faith.

Tematem przewodnim w tym roku będzie “Religious Violence”, a szczególnie przyjrzymy się kwestiom związanym z fenomenologią przemocy, teologii politycznej Rene Girarda, dynamice kontaktów pomiędzy chrześcijanami i muzułmanami oraz aspektami teologicznymi przemocy religijnej.

Koszt udziału w Szkole Letniej wynosi 330 EUR (opłata, koszty dojazdu i powrotu uczestnicy pokrywają we własnym zakresie).

Wszystkich dodatkowych informacji udziela Anna Rutkowska – [email protected]

The title of our annual summer school, Beyond Secular Faith, suggests we are interested in (re)discovering and reflectively elaborating ways to overcome the limits imposed by the dominant contemporary culture. We are convinced that only a faith liberated from the conceptual restrictions and reductions (put forward by secular philosophy and theology) and centered radically on Christ can flourish in the dimension that is proper to faith, that is, in all spheres of human life.

This year the seminar is dedicated to explore one of the most ambiguous and hot debated topic of contemporary culture: The relationship between religion and violence. Are religions accidentally or essentially violent? Or on the contrary, are they or some of them the only authentic sources of peace and reconciliation? However, in discussion with other mayor religions, especially Islam, it is the Christian proposal that will be investigated from a theological, philosophical, sociological and political perspective in the seminars and in the keynote lecture.

As we experienced the summer school last year, a fruitful and amicable dialog grew in a unique way in Granada, a breathtakingly beautiful city that lies at the historic cross-roads of modernity and the Christian tradition.

Deadline: 4th May 2015
We invite graduate students and young postdoctoral researchers to take part in the Summer School. For complete details please visit www.institutoifes.es.
Please send your CV and a short letter of intent to [email protected]
Successful candidates will be informed by 11th May.
Each of the seminars will meet Monday through Friday (4 hours a day). Participants are required to enroll in all the seminars.
Accommodation in a lovely Villa with private swimming-pool and fantastic gardens offering sun & shade. 48 twin & double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, large conference room and chapel.

Course, material, room and full board for only

Airport transfer:30?

08:30h: Mass
09:15h: Breakfast
10:00h-14:00h: Courses
Seminar 1. Monika Gabriela Bartoszewicz:
Politics of Conflict: Christian ? Muslim Encounters
Seminar 2: Michał Łuczewski:
The Political Theology of René Girard
Seminar 3: Aaron Riches:
Religious Violence and the Difference of Theology
Seminar 4. Mátyás Szalay
Elements to a Phenomenology of Violence
14:00h: Lunch
17:00h: Free time for cultural visits
21:00h: Dinner

? Keynote Lecture: Thursday, 25th June 2015

Violence in Islam? Origin and Development of Modern Arab Thought

? Academic Directors: Michał Łuczewski & Marcelo López Cambronero
? Secretary: Eva Martínez García

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